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At our goal is to provide in-depth tutorials and articles on various aspects of developing with both the Doom 3™ engine and the Doom 3™ gamecode.


Now that the GPL release of the Doom 3™ engine source code is here we’re starting work on some articles and mini-projects. Keep an eye on the site!


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Doom 3™ Multiplayer Level Editing Guide

Back in the days when Doom 3™ was new and shiny Josh ‘b0rg’ Holmes, gaming editor at VIAVGA, created a fantastic guide to getting started with mapping. Its focus was multiplayer, but it’s just as relevant to single player.

Sadly, the VIAVGA website seems to have gone, but we archived the content and created a handy PDF with the whole guide in. Download here: Doom 3™ Multiplayer Level Editing Guide. Aplogies for the quality of the screenshots but I think they may have been that way in the original article.